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08 Aug 2019 20:04 #57169 von mrRuben
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this is not the a creation on the stepcraft obviously, but it is for the machine so it kind of counts I think.
I wanted to make a nice enclosure first, while I'm waiting for the bits to arrive to make the wasteboard.

I used a standard size of 1220 mm *610 of 18mm thick underlayment. this gives me an inside width of 1184mm by 800mm which is just perfect for my D840. I took into account the max height of the machine and width, allowing for about 100 mm extra for the performance kit.

I am still looking for the best position for the HF spindle controller and the aquarium pump.
Any ideas here would be welcome. I can fit the pump in front of the machine and I could put the controller on it's side, but that would block one of the air vents.

my initial idea was a shallow shelf under the top/ceiling of the enclosure, but that would hinder the Z axis at it's max.
I have about 65mm clearance above the max Z-axis height.

another possibility is to add a shelf below the machine in one of the two openings I reserved for drawers.
but I wonder if that would hinder the tube of the pump. I think the wires for the spindle controller are long enough.
I could make a slot in the bottom plate to allow the wire to easily move back and forth.

The final possibility I see is to add a smaller box, half the depth to the top of the enclose to hold all the two extras.
This would also allow me to have the extension cord (with a switch) in that top compartment and not in the dusty machine compartment.

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