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25 Aug 2015 16:16 #24534 von peterg1000
Testing prior to making pcb's wurde erstellt von peterg1000
Hi all,

Thought I would do some basic plotting to see how well the machine would cope with a test pattern, and to see if any backlash adjustment was necessary. The test pattern is 80mm across, and spacing between lines in the rectangular groups is 1mm.

Some backlash is evident in the Y movement, probably about 0.1 to 0.2mm, but a better test pattern is needed to get this adjusted properly. UCCNC is easy to configure for such niceties - I cannot praise this programme enough - easy and intuitive to configure and use too.

I used a Parker roller ball pen, basically because one I had could be solidly mounted in a 43mm adaptor I made from some Al rod. The lines are a little fuzzy because the pen uses liquid ink I believe, and it seems this soaks into the paper I used. A regular ballpoint might be better, but a spring loaded mounting seems to be necessary to get a decent result.

SC 420/2, Industrial VFD spindle from StoneyCNC
Cut2D, Autosketch10, Draftsight, Eagle 9.5.1

There is no problem, however simple, that cannot be made more complicated by thinking about it.

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