question-circle Frage Newbie here. Can't home my machine.

12 Mai 2022 21:31 #62345 von Strape
Newbie here. Can't home my machine. wurde erstellt von Strape
I have problem homing my machine. I am totally new to the CNC stuff.
Here is video:

When I press "home all" the Z axis starts moving up, reach top and starts moving down. It makes weird noise while moving down and stops after few seconds. Then I must reset the whole machine with the big red button to be able to control it again.
I searched a little on internet and tried setting the soft-limits to 1000000, but it made no difference.

Do you have any idea what is the problem? I bought the kit, putting it together myself, so it might be even problem in assembly. I took the Z axis apart, but saw nothing obvious. I know I had problems in the assembly with the thin sheet metal flaps activating limit switches, but I think they should work fine now.

Do you have any advice, please?

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