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04 Sep 2022 14:54 #62594 von [email protected]
Can someone please help and point me to a post processor for my DL445. I have VCarve Pro 10.5 and I do not have the laser module. The "Stepcraft Laser" post processor they have in the list does not work. The link in the FAQ on the Stepcraft site goes to a page that says the file was deleted. I cannot get a toolpath to export that will turn the laser on. Incredibly frustrating how difficult it has been to find information on this!!

Also, as long as I have your attention ;) every time the probe pin compresses during the process to find Z zero, I get the error message "The probe sensor was active, The operation was aborted." I'm using the laser profile, I don't have a tool changer, a tool length sensor or any other attachment. I've checked connections, restarted, reinstalled the software. Any ideas would be much appreciated!

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10 Dez 2022 17:37 #62762 von [email protected]
I have the exact same issue - cannot find the correct post processor to load. I have found a workaround for the moment. If you chose the old Stepcraft Laser pp and then hit Save Toolpath without using the Calculate button the file is saved and you can output to the laser.

Anyone else help here as its very frustrating!

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12 Dez 2022 23:10 #62764 von andileibi
andileibi antwortete auf Vectric Post Processor for DL445 Laser
see attachment, you have to rename the files from .txt to .pp

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