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15 Mai 2019 15:40 #56592 von Jon Carron
Stepcraft 600 DL445 Laser M31 Macro for UCCNC wurde erstellt von Jon Carron
Hi, I am trying to setup a profile as per the title. I copied my profile that works with the Kress and then tweaked a few settings as per the DL445 manual. I now need to set up the macro, but the manual doesn't say where to save it or how to name it. The link to the online version also doesn't work. I can copy and paste from the PDF so that's not such a problem.

I found a manual online for UCCNC Macros and that says to name the file

/Profile/Macro_name of profile

but does this mean I call it "Stepcraft_laser" (as my profile is called in my case) or do I name it as appears to be suggested by Stepcraft "m31-uccnc.txt"? Or is it something else?

The SC manual goes on to say

The default height setting of double newZ (bolt letters) is 3 mm

. The only reference to newZ I see in the macro listing seems to be setting it to 2mm. Do I need to edit the macro or just accept the listing. Finally, what is a 'bolt letter'?

I will greatly appreciate help setting this up. Thanks!

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