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04 Aug 2018 11:12 #54312 von spadekevin
Any help/recommendations? wurde erstellt von spadekevin

my concern is that my stero components (and digital cable box and Xbox) that are housed in my cabinet (closed in...not open shelf) is making it too hot in there. I haven't noticed any problems, sans the occasional 1-2 second blip from my DVR digital cable box. But, you can feel the heat (warm air) inside the cabinet.

My cabinet has a glass front door, and both I and my wife would like to keep it, if possible. It helps keep the dust out, and makes it look nicer than taking it off.

What I am considering doing is cutting a couple holes in the backing (like a tough cardboard...almost wood) for a couple 120mm fans and hooking those up to .....something. I say something, because I don't have a computer in the local vicinity, and I have no idea how I would go about hooking up a couple of 120mm fans to any sort of power supply?

Any help/recommendations?
Please help.

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Thank you.

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04 Aug 2018 12:07 #54316 von drilldevil
drilldevil antwortete auf Any help/recommendations?
how does this fit into a cnc router forum ??????????
and : btw this is the german section !!!


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