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24 Apr 2015 17:53 #19432 von jcc26
Combined CNC Mill and 3D Printer wurde erstellt von jcc26

Over the last 2 months I've added a RepRap Extruder to the StepCraft 300 machine so it can print a part and then carry out milling operations on the part afterwards. (University project looking at wider applications for combined additive and subtractive manufacturing of metal, not many real benefits for machining printed PLA).

I'm using the 4th axis module and a separate control board (RAMPS 1.4) for the heating element and lead screw motor.

The 3D Printing module platform uses a lead screw mechanism to ensure it is below the milling cutter during printing and clear when machining.

I am planning on outputting High/Low signals from the LPT port (pin 1 and 14) to pins on my RAMPS board to activate the lead screw motor and will hopefully get this done in the next couple of weeks. I hope that this will allow one 'Hybrid' g-code file with m-code to activate the output signals.

I've attached some images if anyone is interested.

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19 Mai 2015 04:54 #20916 von danowar
danowar antwortete auf Combined CNC Mill and 3D Printer

Neat conversion. I am also using a RAMPS board to control a reprap style 3d printer head on my Stepcraft. I have it all functioning, but I am having problems with the speeds. It appears the ramps and/or repetier is trying to over speed the stepcraft steppers. I am getting it tweaked, but it is pretty tedious. What settings are you using for the ramps controller in respect to the XYZ axis? What speeds do you have configured in repetier?

I will be sure to post pictures and explanations of my setup as soon as I get it functioning properly.

Thank you for your time.

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30 Mai 2015 13:15 #21678 von jcc26
jcc26 antwortete auf Combined CNC Mill and 3D Printer

I didn't actually use the RAMPS board to control the axes motors, I just used it for the hot end, fan and a stepper motor for height adjustment.

I purchased the 4th axis module for the extruder motor so the 4 axes went through the StepCraft.

So unfortunately I can't help you with your problem.

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