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07 Sep 2021 13:32 #61405 von bpaulson
The M700 is assembled. But I am running into a host of problems, and feel I am missing a whole manual somewhere to explain things!

1. At first the machine wouldnt initialize, and I saw on the signal test there were several "lights" out correlating to pin 11, then after restarting WINPCNC it showed 11 on and 10 off etc. I figured out these related to stop switches, so eventually after wiggling them to ensure the switches were not engaged, it just magically work...

2. I "initialized" machine, and it started moving in Z+ and kept going into the bed until it started pushing the spindle out of the holder - I hit the emergency stop.

3. I started testing the axes, and I can jog the machine with the WINPCNC software but not the pendant. BUT the most stop switches do nothing (manually press them)! Only one of the switches on the Y axis stops the machine moving. The other side does nothing, and neither top or bottom Z axis stop switch has any effect! The machine could just run right into the frame if I let it. Are the switches meant to be IN or OUT position normally? The assembly instructions are unclear because they say to bend until you hear a "click" which indicates that they should be IN all the time and are released if reaching a physical end... The switches are well wired and have current.

4. In manual "First Steps WINPC-NC" step 2.5 describes levelling the machin and then following steps 5.2 and 5.4.. Where are these steps??? They are not in assembly or any other manual... This whole section is quite unclear to me.

5. Lastly, if we have to take off the main gantry uprights (parts 3 and 4), then we are really "screwed" - as the small bolts stripped immediately even on the lightest torque setting and cannot be loosened now >:(


M700, WinPCNC 3.4, Fusion/Blender/SolidWorks/FreeCAD, Deskproto/Aspire 9 (trying)

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07 Sep 2021 20:36 #61407 von CNCMiller
Hello Brian,

first of all congratulations with your new machine.

I suggest that before you start with the software you first check if your end-switches are working correctly (on all axis) by manually moving the axis to the end positions and observe the "click".
check the wiring (is it connected firmly and in the right way) bad wiring will result in error warnings.

WinPC-NC witch version do you use?
what version of manual you use?

in your profile you can set the "profile preference" last item "signature"
place your hard and software configuration in that field so we can see what you use.
and we don't have to ques where the problems are.

you will get there

SC 1/420 + Gantry extension, Kress 1050 FME-P, NeJe 20W Laser, WinPC-NC USB v4.00, Vectric Aspire 9, SolidWorks 2021

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21 Sep 2021 09:47 #61439 von bpaulson
Thanks for your encouragement and support. I will take your suggestion to put the info in my signature line. In the meantime the specs are

WinPCNC USB 3.40/78
I am not sure the manual version, but the machine was just delivered in the summer and we are using the included assembly instructions.

The end switches are definitely not working. And this is the most puzzling piece. I have double/triple checked the wiring. The XZ switches have no reaction and do not stop the machine when engaged. And the Y- also not. When the Y+ switches are engaged, they only stop the single motor on the side where the switch is activated which of course makes it very dangerous and could break the machine.

Not sure what is left for my to try at this point except taking the machine to Germany (road trip) for the experts to see...

M700, WinPCNC 3.4, Fusion/Blender/SolidWorks/FreeCAD, Deskproto/Aspire 9 (trying)

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