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18 Apr 2021 13:13 #60949 von Morglum007
Newbie questions on PH-40 printing head wurde erstellt von Morglum007
Hi there everybody,

Although the forum looks like a little bit desert, lets try my luck with many questions I had got trying to make my PH-40 head to work:

1. I had tried to follow the youtube video about setting up the head with no luck. Especially the part of putting the filament inside the hole (which I managed to do), until the top end. I had then push with my fingers down to make filament to appear at the extrusion nozzle... fine but then when filament going down. I had checked everything I found on internet about clogging, but filament goes down a little when hot if I push with my fingers.... so my guessing is about the A axis feeding setup on UCCNC, which is 600 units per minute by the default stepcraft multi-installer profile. Is that one correct?
2. I had disassembled the nozzle to see if the A axis actually works on the default setting of the profile, and at least it moves... but the filament what is the appropriate tension you have to use to tighten the gear? How obvious is shall be? Because I don't know if I have to tighten completely, or just enough.. What enough means?
3. I had got the cooling fan for the piece, and UCCNC asks me at the very beginning to home the Z to work, having also additionally the setup of the fan at the 255 pin, but selecting on or off doesn't activate anything...which pin is the correct one?
4. I am using, as in the tutorial video, the cura + UCCNC. Cura seems to work and the G-code parameters seems right... but as in the tutorial, the guy changes some startup and ending parameters from E to A... I am wondering if this is also applicable to the rest of the G-code. Anyone has got a hint?

Thank u!

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24 Apr 2021 15:09 #60987 von Morglum007
Morglum007 antwortete auf Newbie questions on PH-40 printing head
Hello everybody,

After one week of ¨relaxing¨ work. my brain rested a while and this weekend I tried new things that eventually worked:

1. As I tried the nuclear option by removing the filament when cold, some filament got stuck inside, and both the extruder and the nozzle got clogged. So after brainstorming, I unclogged my extruder nozzle by heating up until 750 degrees in a kiln three times for 5 minutes each (quenching in water each time) It was pretty nice to see that at my third try, the the whole nozzle was clean like new and could see through. That way I solved the nozzle unclogged by the graphite rests.
2. I tried to disassembly the extruder to remove the filament inside, but no luck, so I heated up the extruder and with an Allen key of 1.5 mm I went through both sides until I manage to remove the filament inside. Then I pushed when hot with my fingers the filament from the top and I managed to get it through without issues.
3, After the extruder and the nozzle were perfectly clean, I tested the A axis in UCCNC with very loose filament, and it was working with no issues. It seems the dry box I am using got the filament too tight, so extruder could not push through. Another problem solved.

4. For the fan, i still don't know how to activate, but well, eventually I will discover someway. At the moment its not that important.

So, finally today after all the previous solved, I run a model I prepared and started to print. Everything was going nice until my axis Y and X stopped working my missing steps. I had detected that the motors works, but the hooking of axis X is gone, so I am using glue to stick the axis attached to the hooking brass piece, and to the motor. The Y thing, looks like its a misalignment of axis, as I use the upgraded Y axis system, so it seems one side is ahead of the other. I am checking my axis now and will try again today or tomorrow.

Thank you!, and hope this will help others as the info on this topic is usually confusing for newbies.


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26 Apr 2021 11:42 #61010 von Morglum007
Morglum007 antwortete auf Newbie questions on PH-40 printing head
Hello everybody again,

Another day trying and found out the issue with the Y axis. For whatever reason, the locking nuts of one of the shaft got loose, so I had to use Superglue again on that axis to stick the nut. All axis now moves okay... and I will continue with my piece. I know the superglue option is not that good, but before using Loctite 242 I will try this.

I will keep you posted.


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26 Apr 2021 13:49 #61013 von Morglum007
Morglum007 antwortete auf Newbie questions on PH-40 printing head
Finally, it is done!

After dealing with all kind of mechanical and software issues, here we are my first piece!

The results are quite acceptable for my first piece, considering its going to be the mold for a casted piece.

I have to fine tune now the parameters on Cura...

Time to extract the piece from the hot bed and prepare for casting!


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