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01 Jan 2018 18:24 #51959 von [email protected]
Good Morning

I have done very few 3d prints but at one point I was able to print pretty good parts with this machine (840). Lately it has been drifting on the X axis as seen on the attachments. I am trying to print an straight tube but it keeps printing the layers unaligned as it goes up.

I checked the axis connector on X axis and it was tight. I also applied grease to all lead screws

Because at one point the Y axis belt went loose I decided to check the drive pulleys on Y axis. I found one of them not being tight so I fixed it. However I just tried to do the same print again and it is still drifting the same way.

I just removed the belt and the drive pulleys are still tight. So, I have no clue what else could it be.
Any help would be appreciated.

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01 Jan 2018 18:40 #51962 von frankjoke
frankjoke antwortete auf 3d printer X axis drifting (840)
You are loosing steps because the x-axis is to tight. Please adjust this and check also on both tends, usually it's more tight towards the ends than in the middle.

Look in construction manual to see how to finetune.

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06 Mai 2018 21:12 #53688 von bmartens
bmartens antwortete auf 3d printer X axis drifting (840)
For others that may come to this, StoneyCNC has some great videos on axis adjustment:



Z-Axis: not sure there's a video for this, but it is a logical extension of the X and Y axes, with a more accessible setup.

Stepcraft has now also put out their own videos on this on youtube, but they aren't quite as nicely done as the StoneyCNC ones, I think.

This is good maintenance knowledge for any/all stepcraft owners.

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