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25 Jan 2017 18:22 #43196 von zmanzar
Multiple starting point issue wurde erstellt von zmanzar
I'm using the Stepcraft 2 600 model with the 1.75 3D print head. The software for slicing the 3D model is the "Stepcraft Repetier-Host" and the 3D printer software is the UCCNC with appropriate drivers installed.

When I tried 3D printing the Stepcraft logo (stl file was located in the manual with other example files) the machine starts at the designated start point and begins printing a few layers before it completely offsets in the 'Y+' direction. After offsetting it prints a couple layers before moving again.

I tried using other stl files and sliced then with the repetier software but to no avail.

I have attached the gcode created from slicing the logo.

Thanks for your time.

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12 Feb 2017 23:24 #44216 von Kivinen
Kivinen antwortete auf Multiple starting point issue
I had similar issues earlier, and it is not g-code issue, it is binding issue. The 3d printing does quite a lot of full speed moves around the part, and during those the Y-axis might bind and the machine will skip steps for the full move.

To verify this go to the UCCNC and limit the Y-axis speed from 3000 to something like 1000 and see if you can get it printing properly with lowered Y-speed.

If that helps, then you need to start fixing he Y-axis binding issues. There are some other threads in other parts explaining what you can do to fix those issues (leveling, white lithium grease, verifying belt tension, making sure rollers are not too tight etc).

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