Top 10 Check List for a good CNC Router Kit

The STEPCRAFT D-Series is not only available in five different models but also either as kit or as a ready-to-run system. But what makes a good CNC router kit? We have compiled the top 10 criteria for a good DIY CNC kit.

1. Safely packaged

All parts should be well and safely packaged and should be clearly arranged in bags and boxes. Especially for this purpose STEPCRAFT has developed styrofoam cores with a designated space for every single part, thus, protecting the interior from potential harm during transportation. This way, we can make sure that you receive all parts unscathed and can start directly with the assembly of your CNC machine.

2. Detailed assembly manual

A good construction kit includes a very good manual. As a picture says more than a thousand words, our EasyBuild-Assembly Manual relies on illustrations that guide you step-by-step through the assembly. With potentially tricky steps you will find QR codes leading you directly and comfortably to the respective video tutorial. Those that get better along with textual manuals will find detailed written instructions in the book CNC Milling for Makers.

3. No manual modifications

The individual parts of the kit need no manual modifications as they are already pre-drilled and cut cleanly as well as completely deburred and lacquered. This minimizes the risk of injury and you do not need to interrupt the assembly for secondary activities.

4. Simple tools

The assembly requires no expensive additional power tools. For the construction of the STEPCRAFT D-Series a slotted screwdriver, various Allen wrenches and spanners, long-nose pliers, a cutting tool, a side cutter, a caliper, adhesive tape, multi-purpose oil and some lubricant suffice.

5. Operational safety

The DIY kit needs to be constructed in a way that ensures a maximum of operational safety. For this reason the wiring should be easy and functional and the signaling cables should be sufficiently shielded. Additionally, the CNC machine needs to be correctly grounded.

6. Extensive documentation

A good construction kit includes a detailed documentation for a smooth commissioning of the machine. STEPCRAFT CNC kits always contain an extensive assembly manual, operation manual and First-Steps manual.

7. Fun

The assembly of a good kit is fun. Unfortunately, the setup of the STEPCRAFT D-Series only takes between six to eight hours.

8. Guarantee

Whether construction kit or ready-to-run system, the guarantee conditions must be compliant with with statutory provisions (2 years). Additionally, STEPCRAFT offers private customers a voluntary manufacturer’s warranty on the machines of the D-Series and the M-Series of three years from the date of purchase.

9. Good price-performance ratio

The construction kit should have a good price-performance ratio. STEPCRAFT CNC machines are multifunctional. With the respective accessories they can be converted into a router, a 3D printer or even a laser in no time. With an accuracy of 1/10 mm they are totally sufficient for most applications in the hobby area. Thus, the purchase of a considerably more expensive CNC machine is not necessary for hobbyists.

10. Support

In case of questions there should be a support team ready to help. Just call us or write us an e-mail and we will be happy to assist you. Additionally, there are more than 14'000 registered users offering friendly advice in our forum.

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