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17 Oct 2021 10:31 #61501 by [email protected]
Hello All,

Here is my first question to the use I have with a M1000 Stepcraft milling machine.

Those days I am machining Some 2D contour, it looks like a flower and the machine motion in the XY plane is not smooth at all.
Is there a parameter to set or adjust so the moves are smooth instead of jerks ?

The program feed for this was 1000 cm / min but even if I decrease it to 600 moves are still jerky.

Many Thanks for the help,

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24 Oct 2021 11:02 #61532 by [email protected]
Hi All,

I am sorry I did not get any answer to that one :-(. Nonetheless I have done some trials on my end.
Here is my advices to get ride of many jerk moves on a simple 2D toolpath :

- I did reduce a little the XY axis acceleration
- I noticed having a good points distribution on the toolpath is helping A LOT the machine (the NC) to get a smoother move. So for a rouhing toolpath where I was used to keep a 0.1mm tolerance I did reduce it to 0.03 for example and I do get a better result with a smoother move and a concistent feedrate.

Here you are,

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