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23 Sep 2014 16:25 #8466 by prodigycur
I have a stepcraft 420 with Mach3 connected with UC100 USB Cable working good, doing a lot of Front View 3D Relief and Carving ... Love this machine ! I just wanted to know if it will work will the following:
Circular table with three jaw chuck, Tailstock & 4th axis module.

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23 Sep 2014 19:02 #8470 by Rory
Thanks for your message. Please share the 3D relief work you are doing? We would love to see!! The UC100 USB motion controller is a 6 axis controller. So when coupled to Mach3 can produce 4 axis signals no problem. We use the 4th axis to control the 3D printer - for example - which is a 4th stepper motors - just like the 4th axis module.

You will need
  • the 4th axis module
  • the 4th axis control electronics card
  • tail stock (if using long pieces that the chuck cannot support on its onwn)
  • MAch3 profile with the 4th axis calibrated for rotation in 360degrees

You then need some way of generating the Gcodes.

2, 2.5 and 3D machining in the conventional sense - is carried out in 3 axes. X, Y and Z. Most CAM packages.. Cut2D, VcarvePRO, AlphaCAM, etc etc all have 3 axis CAM outputs. That is the Gcode file controls the machine and it assumes the machine has 3 axes of movement.

to control the 4th axis - you need to use a piece of software that has this functionality when you generate the Gcode. You need the software to be programmable to setup the 4th axis before you generate the Gcode.

The software needs to know that you want to use a 4th axis - and your machine has to be configured with the 4th axis.

Deskproto is the best bet.

you can do double sided machining manually in 3 axes by rotating the chuck between profiles etc.

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