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14 Feb 2020 18:19 #58231 by [email protected]
Hi, I am wondering if someone can help me. I have purchased oscillating knife from Step-Craft to use on cnc that I have made. I am using C11g BOB. Oscillating knife comes with its own drive. It has motor for oscillating and motor for turning the knife 360 degrees. They are both nema 17. I have hooked it up and everything is working except oscillating motor. Here is pin assigment coming from oscillating knife


1. + 30 Volt

2. GND

3. + 5 Volt

4. Direction 4th axis (blade position)

5. Pulses 4th axis

6. Oscillation mode (PVM, 0 V = grooving operation, 1 V = 1300 strokes / minute, 3 V = 2000 strokes / minute)

7. free

8. free

9. +30V

10. GND

11. Emergency stop switch

12. Reference switch 4th axis

13. Holding current on/off (0 = idle mode, 1 = Job runs)

14. Free

15. Free

I am not sure how to hook up pin 6 and pin 13 to C11g brakeout board. In UCCNC they want this to be configured as spindle . I guess pin 6 would have to be conected to the board so changing spindle speed will change motor speed. I conected pin 13 to output 17 on the board and pin 6 to 0-10V pin on the board but its not working. Next to pin 0-10v is ground. I have checked resistance between this ground and the rest of grounds on the board but they are not connected. In UCCNC they configured spindle with PWM pin and port. Dir Pin is left blank. Spindle output relay is enabled and configured as M3 relay pin is 1 and port is 1. So I dont know should I connect pin 6 to 0-10V pin on the board or to relay. Anybody can help please?

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24 Dec 2022 19:41 #62790 by Vaccher
Replied by Vaccher on topic Oscillating Knife help
Did you find a way to connect it to your breakout board?
I'm trying to connect it to my axbbe but I can't find information, can you help me?


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