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cnc mill machines.

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Start today with producing your own CNC parts efficiently, flexibly and independently using STEPCRAFT CNC machines. This way, you can respond quickly to customer demands and save money.

CNC technology for efficiency enhancer

24/7 operation - cnc machine and industrial cnc router

Every job is different! At STEPCRAFT you can choose between two CNC mill machines for industrial application. The STEPCRAFT M-Series and the STEPCRAFT Q-Series are available in three different machine sizes. Enhance your efficiency with German quality CNC system and cnc accessories. To find the perfect CNC machine aluminum for your needs, please see the direct comparison of our CNC mill machines.


The most versatile CNC mill machine

The STEPCRAFT M-Series is the most world’s most versatile CNC machine. Thanks to the wide range of CNC tooling, you can use the CNC mill machine from milling to 3D printing to laser engraving and plotting. Together with Freestyle Milling™ and two machine table heights, the metal milling machine can be applied 24/7 to the most different tasks.


The powerful CNC machine for industrial production

The STEPCRAFT Q-Series combines high precision with modern industrial design. With the metal milling machine you can work time and cost efficient. The powerful cnc mill CNC mill machine for the industrial sector allows you to produce individual products economically and with high precision. The STEPCRAFT Q-Series is optimally suited for individual and serial fabrication.

  • Three machine sizes
  • Solid drive units
  • Steel components for high force absorption
  • All-Steel Motion System™
  • OneTech™ CNC quality
  • Steel reinforced machine frame


Milling STEPCRAFT M-Series
Laser STEPCRAFT M-Series
3D Printing STEPCRAFT M-Series
X-Profile STEPCRAFT M-Series
Y-axis encapsulated STEPCRAFT Q-Series
Enclosure STEPCRAFT Q-Series CNC machine
Drive Unit CNC machine STPCRAFT Q-Series

Save money and produce more efficient with CNC machining

Reduce production times

Minimize scrap

Be independent of external suppliers

Low investment costs

Flexible planning

One machine, a multitude of optional tools

German mechanical engineering

Customer Stories - STEPCRAFT customer experience

STEPCRAFT CNC mill machines are applied to many different CNC parts and CNC projects. Together with the FAST Racing Team, Jürgen Freiburg built his racing car from scratch. For the rear wing out of carbon he used his industrial milling machine STEPCRAFT Q-Series. Kai Alstaedt on the other hand created a small business called Holz Design Altstaedt. He produces charging stations for mobile phones on this STEPCRAFT D-Series. 

See our customer stories and read of all the different CNC jobs realized on STEPCRAFT CNC routers.

Materials for CNC machining

Thanks to the numerous available cnc tools you can process different materials with the STEPCRAFT CNC System. Among these are plywoods, laminates, EPP, ABS, PLAS, PE, PVC, Styropor®, Lexan®, Plexiglas®, carbon fibers, brass, aluminum and many more.


Aluminum & Brass

Plastics and composites

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