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10 Aug 2017 15:41 #49501 von RLade
RLade erstellte das Thema Automation of Stepcraft 600 + DL445 laser

Does anyone know if the stepcraft600 + DL445 laser can solve the following job?

I have got a black plastic box which contain some electronics. When I have tested this piece of electronic, it generates a serial number for it. This serial number i need engraved into the black plastic box containing the electronics. Is it possible to feed the stepcraft600 the serial number generated by the electronics automaticly? The serial number is generated in gcode.
This serial number changes for each new blackbox put in the CNC. All this needs to be automatic, meaning there is no operator to load the gcode into the machine.
So it is possible to feed the CNC with gcode and start it without mach3 or UNCNC?

BR Rasmus

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